This is Allison taking over blogging for the week.  This is my first time making an official entry. Unfortunately, my camera skills aren’t up to par, so the images might be little fuzzy.

Vish left last Thursday morning for a golfing weekend in Kansas City.  This meant that Carter, Mugsy and I would be on our own for a few days.  Although I knew that we would miss Vish, Carter had quite a few social activities lined up to keep him busy.  I was really looking forward to some Mommy/Carter time.

Thursday evening started out with gymnastics at the Little Gym.  This week just happened to be “bring a friend” week, so Carter decided to invite not one, but two friends to join him; this also allowed me to bring not one, but two friends.  Things were a little chaotic at gym class because everyone else decided to bring some friends too.  Luckily, the chaos didn’t prevent Alex and Mason from being able to take some turns on the equipment and burn off some energy.  Carter enjoyed showing off his skills that he has been learning to his friends.

After running around (and into each other), the boys were hungry, so we headed to Wendy’s for some cheeseburgers and frosty’s.

On Friday night, Carter had been invited over to his friend Quinn’s house for a get together with many of his friends because Kandace Berhorst was in town visiting Minneapolis with her three adorable girls (Addison, Savanah, and Makenna).  Quinn had so many toys to share, including a tunnel.  Somehow the kiddos figured out that it was more fun if they angled the tunnel down a few stairs before diving through it.  It probably wasn’t the safest idea, but they definitely enjoyed themselves (as of course we closely watched them).  Towards the end of the night, Addison led the younger kids in a dance party.  Carter and Mason enjoyed jumping on the couch while the girls did some dancing. 

Somehow, we also managed to get everyone seated on the couch long enough to get a few pictures.

After an exhausting Friday evening, Carter slept in a little bit on Saturday.  I have really come to realize what a luxury this is and definitely enjoy the extra hours of sleep that I get as well.

First up on Saturday was enjoying some messy foods for breakfast.  Carter loves eating cereal and milk, but unfortunately there isn’t usually enough time to eat it during the week.  At his request, I prepared him a waffle and bowl of cereal with milk.  He didn’t eat too much of the waffle, but scarfed down two bowls of cereal.

Next up was heading to the swimming pool to splash around.  There is an indoor swimming pool and splash pad at the same fitness center that has the indoor tree house that I had been wanting to check out with Carter.   As soon as we got there, I knew it was going to be a fun day.  The pool had quite a few water spouts coming up from the bottom that Carter enjoyed walking through.  He was also very intrigued with the large toucan that would periodically fill up with water and empty its beak onto the unlucky person.  Carter didn’t have any desire to go stand underneath the toucan, but he enjoyed watching other people get dumped on.  I have always enjoyed swimming and it was really fun for me to see how Carter quickly became very comfortable in the water.  He had a lot of fun splashing around and going down the slide into the pool.  After an hour of swimming and splashing it was time to head home for lunch and a nap.

After nap time, Carter wanted to listen to some tunes before I decided to do a little shopping at Old Navy.  Mugsy didn’t mind sharing the couch with his buddy.

Carter is starting to get old enough where he prefers to run around instead of being in his stroller for longer periods of time, so I was anticipating a quick trip.  After we sped through Old Navy picking up a few necessities, Carter was so well behaved that the employees gave him an orange balloon that he didn’t put down for the rest of the evening.

For dinner on Saturday night, we got some slices from Pizza Luce.  Carter apparently wasn’t satisfied with his cheese pizza, because he kept strategically placing his carrots on top of the pizza. He quickly realized that when he would pick up the pizza the added vegetables would just fall off.

On Sunday Carter and I decided to head to church.  The majority of the time when we go to church, we end up arriving right on time or a few minutes late, but this weekend I had accidentally mixed up the mass times.  We pulled up to the parking lot for what I thought was 11:00 mass right on time at 11:05, when I saw the sign that said Mass was actually at 11:30.  The one weekend where we don’t even have Vish’s help to get us out of the door on time, we didn’t even need it!

Vish arrived from his fun weekend right before Carter went down for his nap.  Although we had a really fun weekend, everyone was very excited to see him!