The furry member of the family, I’m the Puggle with the puppy dog looks.  When indoors, I love lounging on the couch, sunbathing on the stairs, or finding the nearest pair of legs to snuggle between.  My favorite toy is my stuffed monkey, or pretty much anything I can get my teeth into.  When I”m not inside, I enjoy slow, sniffing walks around the neighborhood and exploring the backyard.  I’ve grown fond of digging and have become quite the escape artist, but don’t worry, I’ve always managed to find my way back.

I know a couple of tricks, and if you offer a treat, I just might show you one.  I’ve mastered the art of the photobomb, and like to think that I make Carter’s pictures just that much cuter.  If I detect food around, there’s a good chance I won’t be far behind, pestering endlessly until I get a bite.  I think I smell some now…  Gotta run!