I consider myself the head of the household, although Vish might disagree.  I see nothing wrong with having a lot going, as long as its written on the family calendar.  Some might say I try and cram too much into one day, but I like to think I am just optimistic.

I enjoy playing and reading with Carter, weekly trips to Target (okay – maybe more than weekly), finding new recipes, and watching reality TV.  The Real Housewives of Minneapolis would be lucky to have me, and I would like to think that I could win American Gladiators if they brought the show back.

I am always looking for new kid-friendly activities around the Twin Cities to keep us busy and opportunities to scrapbook about those activities.  Carter will thank me later for his well rounded life, which includes swimming lessons, gymnastics, and music class, all before the age of 2.  I am sure he will also appreciate the videos and scrapbooks from all his major milestones.  I am still trying to figure out how I can keep the snow from his first snowman as keepsake.