Man of the House.  Head of the household.  Master of online word games.  I’m a man of many titles, mostly all self-given, very few agreed upon.  When I’m not programming during the day or tinkering with my phone, I’m likely watching sports or spending time teaching Carter about sports; it’s never too early to start thinking college scholarships.  I also enjoy trying my hand at cooking, and if Mugsy is my judge, I haven’t made a bad meal since 2009.

Allison would probably call me competitive.  I’d like to think there is a stronger word than that.  In fact, I’m proud to point out that Carter has never beat me in a race around the living room or in a game of mini hoops.  I’m sure it’s only a matter of time.

One of my favorite things to do is thinking of clever ways to frighten the others in the house.  Whether it’s hiding behind doors, in closets, or in disguise, I’m never short of ideas.  The rest of the family doesn’t seem to appreciate this particular skill yet, but one day I”ll pass it along to Carter.  I think  hear Allison coming…  Time to hide behind the shower curtain!