As I sit behind my LeapPad right now, deliberating all the superlatives I can use to describe myself, I’m thinking two things: I can’t believe my parents are making me do this and, my vocabulary is pretty impressive.

I’m a pretty goofy person that likes to laugh and make people laugh, mostly unintentionally.  I enjoy spending time in the studio apartment that my parents created for me, where I cook meals for my plush friends.  They’re good listeners and eat everything I cook for them, even if it is exclusively steamed veggies.

I like to chase Dad around the living room and play mini hoops.  He doesn’t know it yet, but I let him win every time.  I love looking at books and when Mom reads me books.  One of her favorite books to read me is The Rappin’ Animals, written by her when she was a child.  One of these days I’m going to get the guts to tell her the story doesn’t make any sense, but for now, I hope she doesn’t read this.  What kind of bear plays a huge sousaphone?

Some of my other favorite things include coloring, bubbles, cars, Sesame Street and tormenting our dog Mugsy. With all the food he steals from me, he has to know it’s coming.  Here he comes again…  Where is that duck call he hates?