While the Vikings loss in the NFC Championship game was tough pill to swallow, we did out best in putting that behind us and taking part in the Super Bowl festivities here in Minneapolis.

As cold as it was outside, we had a really fun time walking around downtown and taking in all the sights and sounds. We got to see a few ice sculptures, pick up some free stuff, and Carter and Allison even got to test ride a fat tire bike.

The highlight of our week was the Saturday before the Super Bowl.

First, we attended an event where we got to mingle with Joe Montana and Stefon Diggs.

After that, we visited the Super Bowl Experience, which could be described as an NFL carnival with a bunch of activities for both adults and kids.

For the adult activities, we all tried the football toss and 40 yard dash, while Carter also tried the three cone drill. As you can see from his game face below, Carter came ready to compete.

Next, for the kids activities, Carter and Henry did some running, tackling, and kicking drills, where they did quite well.

As a souvenir, both Carter and Henry got to make their own football card, to commemorate their achievements. I imagine these will be worth quite a bit some day.