Last year for Spring Break we headed down to sunny Orlando to visit Aunt Bophar and Uncle Jeff. We had so much fun, we decided to repeat in 2018. This year, we were lucky to have Grandma & Grandpa Yem and cousin Calista join us for part of the time. We flew down to Florida on Sunday arriving later at night. As soon as the boys woke up on Monday they hopped into the pool. Our first day was filled with a ton of swimming and putt-putt golfing. For dinner on Monday we headed over to Disney Springs and ate at Homecomin, which is owned by one of Oprah’s personal chefs. We thought it was tasty, and it was a great way to kick-off our time at Disney.

Tuesday morning we headed to Magic Kingdom. We were able to ride quite a few rides in the morning, including It’s a Small World, Peter Pan, Haunted Mansion, the Merry-Go-Round and Space Mountain. It’s A Small World is still my favorite, always reminding of my Grandma Theobald. Carter rode on Space Mountain for the first time this year. He loves roller coasters, but we learned with Space Mountain that he doesn’t really like roller coasters in the dark.
We headed back to Aunt Bophar’s after lunch and Space Mountain for an afternoon of swimming and relaxing. After Henry’s nap we went back to Magic Kingdom for more rides and fireworks. Henry was tall enough to ride Thunder Mountain this year, which is Carter’s favorite rollercoaster. Just like last year, it was fun to see both boys get so excited. There was a new firework’s show at Magic Kingdom this year that we were able to see before heading out. Overall, despite the heat and crowds, we had a great day at Magic Kingdom.

On Tuesday night, Vish’s parents arrived with Calista. On Wednesday morning, we all got up to go to Animal Kingdom. This was our first time visiting this park, and it did not disappoint. The first ride we all went on was the Na’vi River Journey. This was a very cool raft ride in Pandora’s Avator Land and a great way to start the day. We also went on the Expedition Everest rollercoaster, where we learned that Carter not only doesn’t like being the dark but he doesn’t like to go backwards on rollercoasters. I definitely agreed with him, so we decided to opt out on a second ride when Calista, Bophar and Vish went again. After spending time on a few rides and wandering around looking at animals, we again headed back for a relaxing afternoon of swimming. When Henry got up from his nap, we went back to Animal Kingdom and went on the Safari. This was one of my favorite things on our trip because we saw so many animals. All of the kids enjoyed it, but Henry especially got very excited every time we saw something new. We also saw Mickey and Minnie at Animal Kingdom, which I think is a must-do if you are going to Disney. Henry was also so excited for this, and I loved seeing the joy on his face. After the Safari, Vish and I took Carter and Henry on the Dinosaur adventure ride. We weren’t sure what to expect, but it ended up being a little bit scarier than we thought; traveling through a bouncy time rover looking for a rare dinosaur to save from extinction. Vish and I enjoyed it more than the boys. Our last stop of the night, Vish was able to get 3 fast passes for the Avatar Flight of Passage for me, himself and Bophar. Lines for this were between 2-3 hours all day, so we were very lucky to get to go. I had to no idea what to expect, but this ended up being one of the craziest rides I have ever experienced. This 3-D Virtual Reality experience had us flying all over on the back of an Avatar. It was a great way to end another magical day at Disney.

On Thursday we had another very relaxing day of swimming and putt-putt. I think Henry, Carter and Calista only got out of the pool for lunch and golfing. It was a great way to spend the last day of vacation. Having Vish’s parents and Calista there made it even more special for our boys, because Carter and Henry love spending time with them. The three cousins are inseparable when they are together.

Friday morning we got up bright and early to head back to cold Minneapolis. It was another great Spring Break!