For Carter’s first official Spring Break, we traveled to Orlando to see my sister Bophar and make our first visit to the magical world of Disney.


After our arrival late Saturday night, we spent Sunday relaxing by the pool, taking in the warm weather, and gearing up for the next two days at Disney. You wouldn’t know it from the picture below, but Carter swam like a fish the entire day, and Henry got some good pool jumping time too.

Monday – Epcot

Monday morning we were up bright and early for our Epcot day. Due to some meticulous planning, we were literally the first people into the park. This allowed us to get an early start on some attractions.

The majority of this day was spent riding some of the bigger rides (Frozen, Mission:Space, and Soarin’), a lot of the smaller rides, and meeting some of Carter’s favorite Disney characters. I was especially excited for the kids to meet the Frozen princesses and Baymax, and they did not disappoint. Carter even tried to open Baymax’s access port, to no avail.

In the afternoon, Henry went home for a short rest, while Carter and I stayed and did the Epcot Egg Hunt. This required us to go to each of the different international areas, and find a hidden egg. We eventually found them all, and some cool topiaries along the way.

After a long and fun day at Epcot, we settled in to watch the fireworks and then headed home for the evening.

Click the image below to view our other Epcot photos

Tuesday – Magic Kingdom

Tuesday morning we were up again at sunrise for our Magic Kingdom day. Early access allowed us to avoid long lines at many of the popular rides, so we packed in a lot before lunch. Some of our favorites were the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, Haunted Mansion, It’s A Small World, and Pirates of the Caribbean.

Back in the afternoon after a short rest, we had a nice dinner at Be Our Guest, where we got to meet the Beast from Beauty and the Beast. Henry wasn’t a big fan, but we managed to get him close enough to take one picture.

After dinner, we rode a few more roller coasters — Splash Mountain and Thunder Mountain — which were some of Carter’s favorites. We then took some obligatory shots in front of the Princess’ Castle.

In the evening, the kids managed to stay awake long enough to see the Wishes fireworks. We got a spot right in the middle, in front of the castle, for a spectacular view. A great way to end our two days at Disney.


The last day of our trip was again spent around the pool, with a short trip to Gatorland thrown in. There we got to see, and even feed, a bunch of different alligators. It was very interesting, to say the least.


Thursday morning, unfortunately, marked the end of our trip. Our first Disney experience was a success, and we all had such a great time.