It is hard to believe that it has already been 3 years since Henry joined our family, arriving 2 weeks early in the middle of the night! Since Henry is the baby of our family, my love for him and relationship with him is very special. At times, I need to remind myself that he isn’t a baby (even though he will always be my baby). One of the many things that people say about Henry is that he is always happy and almost always smiling, and it is definitely true. Henry is one of the silliest, happiest, goofiest boys who is such a joy to be around. He pops out of bed in the morning with a smile on his face and heads to bed with a smile (and a drink of water). Aside from his silliness, Henry is pretty independent and wants to do most things without the help from us, but gladly accepts a hug or a high five at the end. It still shocks me to see him going up the steep climbing wall at the park by himself, but he always looks down to make sure I saw him. From a brothers’ perspective, the relationship that Carter and Henry have melts my heart every single day. Henry loves his big brother and looks for any opportunity to follow in Carter’s footsteps. There are times when Henry will literally copy the movements of Carter around the house. Carter is an amazing big brother who is constantly looking out for Henry and teaching Henry to do new things. The older they grow, I know there will be squabbles, but the love these two have for each other is never ending.
For Henry’s birthday this year, we had a few celebrations. For Henry’s actual birthday we went out for dinner, had some cake (which is really all that Henry wanted) and then we had a family campout in the backyard in our tent. We all woke up pretty tired, but it was a very fun family experience.

Happy Birthday Henry! Thanks to Kid Zone for the adorable sign!

Silly brothers who love each other!

Tickle tickle before presents

Opening presents

Deciding what to do next

Enjoying cake on his actual birthday

Sleeping in the tent

To further celebrate, on the 4th of July we had a few friends over for more fun and cake after attending a parade together. The 4th of July this year turned out to be one of the hottest days so far. Henry’s party turned into a squirt gun, water balloon mania extravaganza between kids and adults looking to cool down. Henry wasn’t the biggest fan of all the water spraying at first, but was immediately excited when it was time for his Thomas Cake.

It was a great celebration to end a very fun 4th of July weekend!

Waving flags at the 4th of July Parade

The whole group at the 4th of July Parade

Water slide time at Henry’s Birthday Party

Water fight!

Henry loved his Thomas the Train cake

I love this Henry!

Carter and the giant bubble

Giant Bubble Fun

Blowing out Candles!

His favorite part of the party was doing “cannon balls” with his friend Brady into the kiddie pool and sliding down the “water slide”. I could have watched these two all day.

At the end of the weekend, Henry also moved from his crib to a big boy toddler bed. He was very excited about this and so far, its been a pretty easy transition.

I really get to sleep here and I have to STAY in the bed?

Kick Kick Kick

Time for bed in the big boy bed