It’s hard to believe that Henry is already 10 weeks old and growing like a summer weed. Needless to say, it’s been both an exciting and hectic time in the Yem household. Now that we finally found some time to catch our breath, we wanted to share a look back at these last couple of weeks.

The Arrival

We’d like to say that we were prepared for anything with Henry’s birth, but his early arrival caught us both a bit off guard. On the the evening of June 23rd, a week before his scheduled arrival, and a full two weeks before Allison’s due date, Henry decided he couldn’t wait any longer. While Allison drove herself to the hospital to confirm what we suspected, I started down my calling list to find someone to watch Carter overnight. Luckily for us, our friend Cory answered on the second call, and he was over at our house by 1 AM. During my short drive over to the hospital, both excitement and nervousness began to set in, knowing we were going to meet the newest member of our family in a few short hours. After a little bit of waiting, a healthy Henry Louis arrived at 3:38 AM on Tuesday, June 24th with a full head of hair.

Allison and I both couldn’t believe how much Henry looked like Carter when he was born. Looking at the photos below, it’s hard to tell the difference between the two.

Our First Visitors

Grandma and Grandpa Kron were our very first guests to meet Henry. They spent time with us during the days, and took care of Carter in the evenings, while we stayed at the hospital. It was great having them around and they were such a big help.

Meeting Big Brother

The next big introduction for Henry was meeting his big brother. We didn’t really know what to expect from Carter, so we were all interested to see how he would react. Turns out Carter was more interested in the hospital bed and the mini fridge than he was with his new baby brother, but he graciously spent a few moments with him before he went off to explore the hospital room. In subsequent visits, Carter’s first priority was always to check the mini fridge for chocolate milk before any attention could be paid to Henry.

More Photos

Here are a few of our other favorite photos from Henry’s first days.

Back at Home

Our first few days back at home, Grandma and Grandpa Yem came to visit to help us get settled. Carter took some big steps in his adjustment by acknowledging Henry’s existence and even holding him a (very) few times. A few weeks later, he’s quickly becoming a great big brother. He gets excited when Henry is awake and likes to tickle him to see him smile. He also enjoys helping Henry feel better by suggesting that he needs his pacifier. As usual, Mugsy is providing support when necessary.

These past two months have been a wild ride, with a few scares, a fair amount of stress, very little sleep, but a lot of love. We’re all excited to see where these adventures take us next.