It seems like only yesterday that we were packing up in the middle of the night and heading to the hospital, ready to welcome the newest addition to our family. A year later, it’s hard to remember where all the time went. Between health scares and helmets, Henry has gone from cute and cuddly to babbling and constantly in motion, in the blink of an eye. In honor of this occasion, we revisit some of the moments that got us here today.

A Budding Friendship

If there was ever any doubt of Mugsy not taking a liking to another baby in the house, it sure didn’t take long to quell those thoughts. What initially started as a one-sided affair — Mugsy seeking and licking the immobile and unknowing Henry — quickly turned into a mutual relationship of fondness, as evidenced by Henry lighting up whenever Mugsy walks into the room. Today, it’s unlikely you’ll find Henry with a runny nose, food on his face, or a messy space around the dinner table, as Mugsy is usually on the job with little notice, and in return, Henry has already started sneaking him portions of his food during mealtimes.

Infectious Giggle

There are not many sounds more satisfying that a baby giggling, and we got plenty of that from Henry this past year. From the early stages, Henry was always so ticklish, and it still continues to this day. At times, it’s hard to change his clothes or diaper without him breaking out in laughter.

Helmet No More!

After 18 weeks of cranial therapy, Henry got his helmet off on April 13th. While the process as a whole was a minor inconvenience, we were glad to have it complete, and proud of Henry for doing such a great job throughout the entire process.


With all the time we’ve been spending at parks this spring/summer, Henry has really found a love for swinging. It doesn’t take long for the smiles to come out, once we put him in that swing. I think he prefers the uneven pushing of Carter, to add a little excitement.

First Words

Once Henry started blabbering, it wasn’t long before we started to get some of his first coherent words. It was interesting to hear that some of his unique first words, “uh-oh” and “no”, were the same as Carter’s. Today, his vocabulary consists of the two aforementioned words, in addition to “mama”, “dada”, and “bye-bye”. On some rare occasions we’ve heard “Carter”, “puppy”, and “love you”, but we’re not convinced it hasn’t been just our imagination.


While I give myself some credit for my previous effort, Henry got his first “real” haircut a little over a month ago. He did surprisingly well, all things considered, and it helped that Carter was there to distract him and make him laugh. Since that time, he has already had one more haircut, that didn’t go quite as well, but I guess you can’t get lucky every time.


While we couldn’t find a good video of Henry crawling, we’ll use the excuse that he moves too fast for us to get a decent video. Gone are the days where we could leave Henry in the living room while tending to chores around the house. Within seconds, he always seems to find his way to the most dangerous obstacles, namely the stairs. We think that he’ll be walking soon, which we’re preparing to provide a whole new set of challenges.

The Celebration

For Henry’s birthday party, we had a small, puppy-themed, get-together with family in Iowa City. Between time with his grandparents and cousins, his birthday cake and presents, Henry had a great time. He didn’t exactly smash into his cake as we expected he might, but he still made his own little mess.

Back at home, on his actual birthday, Henry got one more birthday dessert, with his own little cupcake. What a year it has been, and this is only the beginning.