Not a day goes by where I am not in awe of the wonderful Dad that Vish is to Carter and Henry. From the moment they were born, he literally has been Super Dad. He is always thinking of creative games, introducing them to new activities, and overall making them laugh every single day. His patience and love for the boys and their love and admiration towards him is amazing to see. I am so lucky to be navigating the parenting journey with Vish.
On Father’s Day this year, obviously it was totally up to Vish on what he wanted to do, and his activity of choice was going fishing. We stopped to get our bait and headed on our way to a pond that had been stocked in St. Louis Park. We all had so much fun and we all caught fish, even though Carter and I both got lucky before Vish. The excitement on everyone’s faces (including my own) as we strategized for the best place to throw the line was very fun.

Later in the evening we tried out a new restaurant near our house. Sitting outside celebrating an amazing husband/father with two adorable boys was the perfect end to a fun weekend!

Carter and Vish patiently waiting for a bite

Henry getting close to the fish

Henry touching the fish

Finally…Vish caught a fish

The best Dad around

All of my wonderful boys!