Halloween this year was very fun for our family. As Carter gets older, he gets more and more excited about holidays — Halloween was no exception. Carter’s favorite characters lately have been from Jake and the Pirates, and we were able to find him a Jake costume for Halloween. He was very excited to wear his Jake costume as soon as it arrived in the mail. Also, leading up to Halloween, he loved to walk around our neighborhood and look at all of the decorations in people’s yards. Even though Henry wasn’t showing his excitement as much as Carter, we knew that he was excited for Halloween too!

The week of Halloween, Carter had two parties at school. There was a family party that we all got to attend. It was fun to see all the kids in Carter’s class dressed up. We saw quite a few kids dressed as Elsa from Frozen. He also had a Halloween dance party during the day.

Happy brothers the morning of Halloween

On Halloween night, Carter had a lot of fun trick-or-treating. Henry stayed warm in his stroller and managed to sleep through the entire experience.

Jake the Pirate

Practically Twins

Henry eagerly awaiting trick-or-treating…before he fell asleep

Carter got quite a haul, enough for himself and to share with his parents. He picked out two pieces to have when we got home. Then he proudly said that he would have one piece each day after that, because if he ate it all, he would get a belly ache.

Carter’s Candy Haul

It wouldn’t be a Yem Family Halloween without putting on the hot dog costumes. Of course, I ordered one for Henry, so he wasn’t left out. As soon as I brought down Carter and Henry’s costumes, Mugsy tried to escape into his crate (he knew what was coming). I managed to get Mugsy into his costume, despite resistance.

Happy Hot Dog Family