With my sister Bophar living in Florida for quite some time now, and having yet to visit her, we were long overdue. The changing of seasons, and Fall weather setting in, gave us the perfect opportunity for a nice vacation to the beach.

Being Henry’s first time on an airplane, Allison and I were both a bit stressed, as we were with Carter’s first flight. Our fears were unfounded, however, as Henry did great, with some napping and very little fussiness.

We arrived to a welcome heat and humidity that we hadn’t felt in a few months, and spent the evening at Bophar’s house. The next morning, we headed to the condo on the beach we rented for the remainder of our trip.

As we had hoped, the condo offered beautiful views of the water right outside our balconies and was just steps from the beach. Needless to say, we spent as much time as we could taking it all in.

Most mornings and afternoons were spent on the beach, with Carter and Henry building sand castles, and everyone else in and out of the water. The few times we were able to coax Carter into the water, he wasn’t a fan of the saltiness, but I got him on a body board, and once we started riding the waves, he enjoyed himself a little more. On the other hand, Henry seemed to have no issue with the water, and was a natural on the body board with Allison.

The rest of the trip consisted of a lot of relaxing, time in the hot tub (probably Carter’s favorite part of he trip), eating good food, and quality family time. Not sure why it took us so long to visit, but I know it won’t be long before we go back again.