The Dog Days of Summer are upon us and that has meant a lot of time relaxing and hanging outside for The Yem Family. What have we been up to these last few weeks? Continue reading below to find out!

Clever Ways to Feed Mugsy

Every morning, before we leave the house, I have Carter give Mugsy a treat. It rarely ever gets to Mugsy efficiently, but recently, it’s taken another turn. Now, it’s not enough to bring it over in his hand, but Carter insists on using one of his toys to make the delivery. Each morning, I wonder what he’ll want to use next.

Cleaning the House

Who needs a maid when you always have a little helper on hand? Once we teach Carter some proper techniques, and to stay off the wood floor, Allison is all ready to put a cleaning schedule together.

Knock Knock Jokes

Carter has a book of knock knock jokes that we’ve read so many times he remembers all the punchlines. He must have been a little tired this morning because he decided to play along. I’ve got to start thinking of some new clever jokes.

Parks! Parks! Parks!

Of course we’ve been spending large amounts of time at area parks. I don’t think Carter gives us much of a choice. Between climbing walls, climbing ropes, and his new favorite thing — jumping off tall objects — there is rarely a shortage of excitement.

Learning How to Ride a Trike

We may have finally gotten past the point where Carter drags his feet on the ground when we push him in his trike. One of his first attempts at actually pedaling came with mixed results. He just doesn’t seem to understand why the large bush won’t get out of his way. Good thing he has his monkey with him for moral support.

Picnics in the Backyard

We were long overdue for our first meal on the deck. You couldn’t tell from the look on Carter’s face, but he was excited to be out there. Now, if only we didn’t make him eat his veggies.


You didn’t think I’d let a couple weeks go by without trying to teach Carter about more sports, would you?

The golf game could use some work, but he doesn’t look too far from some of my buddies after they’ve had a couple beverages, especially the picking up the ball and running with it. He’s learning some of the sneaky tricks at an early age.

The baseball swing, on the other hand, is looking pretty solid. Not only do we have the full swing and bunting down, but he even does some taunting with the Happy Gilmore bull dance. Feeling the flow… That’s my boy!

I Want to Go High!

Carter loves being thrown in the air — the higher the better. He enjoys it so much that he can’t help but share the experience with his monkey. While the height isn’t quite there, I’m sure in his mind, the enjoyment was.

Walks Through the Woods

One day, we took a walk through the woods where Carter saw ducks, rabbits, squirrels, frogs and birds. Anytime we saw another animal, he got really excited. Looks like we might be taking another trip to the zoo soon.

General Silliness

What better way to wind down long summer days than laying in the backyard with your favorite children — we didn’t forget about you Mugsy. It’s been a great summer so far, and hopefully it drags on for a little bit longer.