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For the past few months, Henry has been a non-stop singing machine. Whether we’re in the car, at the store, or at the dinner table, it seems that he’s always belting out a tune. With that in mind, it was no surprise that he recently wanted me to document his vocal prowess. The results areā€¦


One Man Band

Who needs drums when you have a set of mixing bowls and some plastic spoons? Between singing, dancing and now instruments — Carter is working on some musical talents that he must have got from his mother — along with the lyrics to his version of Jingle Bells.

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Itsy Bitsy Spider

It’s always funny to hear Carter belt out a random tune in the middle of doing something else. The other day, while playing with his grill, he decided he wanted to sing Itsy Bitsy Spider. This was the first we had heard him sing this song and he sang it rather well.

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Twinkle Twinkle

The hits just keep on coming. Allison and I might have to think of putting an album together soon — today’s tune: twinkle twinkle. He’s been singing this for a little while now, and every now and then, he’ll throw in random names at the end of each line. Listen closely and you’ll hear that Betty and I get a shout out in this particular rendition.

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Carter’s ABCs

We’ve been working with Carter on his ABCs recently and he keeps getting better and better. Here’s a recording I was able to take the other day, when he was in a practicing mood.

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