It’s always a treat when Allison and I can go on a date these days, and with the Kron grandparents in town for the weekend, we took the opportunity to try a restaurant we had been wanting to try for quite some time: The Blue Door Pub.

The menu at The Blue Door Pub consists primarily of bar foods, with one mouth-watering exception, their burgers known as Juicy Blucys. This is their take on the Minneapolis fixture known as the Juicy Lucy. For those of you that may not be familiar with the concept, a Juicy Lucy is a cheeseburger with the cheese stuffed inside the meat, rather than on top. This generally results in melting cheese oozing everywhere, with each and every bite. What makes the Juicy Blucys different are all the different toppings for their burgers, both inside and out, in combinations you could only dream of. If you weren’t hungry before you started reading this, you probably are now.

The Blue Door Pub that we visited was a very new location, only two weeks old, so we expected the wait to be fairly long and it was, about 60 to 90 minutes. While we waited, we settled down near the bar and got a couple drinks. I use the word “couple” very loosely here, as I have noticed a reoccurring trend presenting itself more and more as Allison and I have been out recently. As we have gotten older, part of the working world, responsible parents (at least I’d like to think so), our college years have increasingly become a distant memory. This is no more evident on nights like this, when Allison proclaims her state of inebriation after about half a beer. What makes it all the more amusing, is the tone of surprise and shock in which she says it. It’s almost as if she doesn’t want to believe it herself. At any rate, she’s becoming a cheap date, and I can’t complain about that.

The time passed quickly and it was now time for us to be seated. At first glance, this was one of those times when everything on the menu looked delicious. Tater tots, deep fried pickles, bacon-wrapped jalapenos, and I hadn’t even looked at the burgers yet. Flipping over the menu, I found what I had come for, burgers with canadian bacon, pineapple, fried eggs, and even peanut butter. It was so hard to decide — I resisted the urge to order more than one.

After much inner thought, and already feeling some regret that I hadn’t chosen properly, Allison and I settled on the following menu: cheese curds, spam bites, the Capone for me — mozzarella stuffed burger topped with roast beef and hot peppers, and the Lumberjack for Allison — Gouda and bacon stuffed burger drizzled with maple syrup.

Needless to say, the meal was amazing and did not disappoint. Per our usual dining experience, the appetizers alone were so much food, we weren’t sure how much room we would have left for our burgers. Once they showed up in front of us though, it was like we got a second wind. I felt like we ate in silence for some time, almost in awe of the food we had, and when we finally got around to talking again, it was to tell each other how full we were.

An hour later, and with enough calories for the entire weekend, we threw in the towel and packed up our leftovers. In a food coma, we still managed to make it to a movie later in the evening, Zero Dark Thirty, and surprisingly, Allison stayed awake for the whole thing. Shortly after 1 am, we made it back home tired, full, and happy. A successful date night courtesy of the Krons.