2015 was a great year for the Yem Family. There were so many great memories and fun things we did, that we barely had time to keep up with our blog! In honor of a New Year (even though it is already a few weeks in), I wanted to reflect back on 2015 and some of my most favorite memories from each month.


Ringing in the New Year

Everyone always says that Carter is a “little Vish”, but on this day…I made him be a “little Al”

Playing in the Snow is always fun, especially when it is warm enough to swing without shoes


Henry and Carter are becoming best buddies! Vish was surprised to see these three looks when he came home from playing basketball one evening.

Long hair don’t care! Henry’s hair was incubating under his helmet, I loved his flowing look.

Carter went through a period in 2015 when he was obsessed with playing Candyland and making paper airplanes.

We probably played 2-3 games of Candyland each day (Thanks Aunt Julie!).

We also designed a large collection of paper airplanes, including the strong Olaf Airlines.


Warmer weather started to arrive, and we could fully utilize the double stroller (without Henry being in his infant car seat). Since this picture, Carter has established that he prefers sitting in the back.

Henry’s monkey hat fully covered his helmet to keep him warm and he loved swinging outside for one of the first times.

Henry was due for a quick trim and Dad did a good job.


Two cute Easter Bunnies!

Abby and I learning how to make homemade pizza on the grill. I actually used some of the recipes at home.

Henry’s helmet graduation was one of the happiest days of his short life. We are so glad we did it, but we are so glad that he didn’t need it anymore!


Vish and I were lucky enough to have a get-away to Mexico to celebrate Nathan’s birthday. It was a lot of fun and I think we showed people who still dominates at beer pong. Thanks Mom and Dad for taking care of the kids!

Carter turned FOUR years old. I cannot believe how fast time flies.

Carter got golf clubs for his birthday. Vish and I took the day off and took him to the driving range. It was a fun day!

Nick & Taylor visited and brought with them cold weather! It is always so nice to have them! Carter and Henry must have been extra cute, because Taylor and Nick got engaged a few days after.


Carter started basketball, and it was really fun to see him in action.

Happy Father’s Day to the best one around.

Carter had a blast bouncing around at Parktacular becoming a Junior Ninja Warrior.

Henry turned ONE on June 24th!

Henry’s Birthday Party in Iowa City


Vish and I got to enjoy a day-off together playing tennis and golfing.

We had such a great time when Calista and Amber came to Minneapolis. Canoeing on Lake Calhoun was just one of the many fun things we did!


We traveled a lot in August. We headed up north to Duluth and down south to Iowa City

In between, we spent time at the park and sharing ice cream to cool off!

Carter is always really thoughtful and willing to share with his brother.


We had so much fun going for bike rides in the summer and fall. The boys enjoyed riding in the back together.

Looking cool in their shades while taking a water break.

The biggest excitement of September was that Henry started walking (and quickly started running). Here is a video of Henry a week after he initially took his first few steps.


The most exciting thing we did in October was head down south for a family trip to Florida. We had a great time with the Grandma & Grandpa Yem, Aunt Bophar and Jeff. We didn’t want to leave.

We had a great time at Sever’s corn pit. This is a fun tradition each year. Henry enjoyed playing in the corn for the first time.

It isn’t a Halloween at the Yem household without putting on hot dog costumes!


Coordinating family outfits continue in the fall before heading out to church! Carter really loves it!

Henry was really excited to learn how to drink out of his new cup. Thanks cousin Gus, Alicia and Hans for showing us how to use it!


Vish and I were lucky enough to go to the Big Ten Championship game in Indianapolis. Even though Iowa lost, we had a great weekend!

I never thought in Minnesota we would be able to go to the park to play in late-December

I thought Henry would be scared of Santa this year, but apparently he was just annoyed that he had to sit on Santa’s lap.

2015 was a great year and 2016 has already gotten off to a great start (despite some illnesses passing through). Henry shows us more of his personality every day while his vocabulary continues to grow. He is completely obsessed with anything that plays music he can dance too!

Carter continues to amaze us with his constant energy and creative mind building with blocks, magna tiles and trains! Henry and Carter are also “playing” with each other more and more. Carter will build something and Henry will knock it down! We love seeing these brothers becoming best buddies!
We are excited for all that is to come in 2016!